Project Description

雲山行旅 Wandering in the Misty Mountains
銅 Bronze
H125 X 20 X 45 cm
Details: Artwork List No.10

Location: The Cavern
Site: Map 6A
Theme: Man and nature as one

李光裕以此作向臺北故宮博物院典藏的范寬《谿山行旅圖》致敬,並以這件經典名畫的主要視覺元素為靈感,創作出《雲山行旅》這件雕塑作品,他將手部形象轉化為巨大的山,再以其代表性的鏤空技法,創造掌心的孔洞 ─ 開創出想像的空間,而山形之手上的雲朵元素更呼應山巒雲霧繚繞的主題意象。

Lee Kuang-Yu pays tribute to Fan Kuan’s masterpiece, Travelers among Mountains and Streams in the National Palace Museum collection with the primary visual component that inspired his “Wandering in the Misty Mountains”. The artist transforms the shape of a hand into into an enormous mountain, and uses his signature openwork technique to create a hole at the center of the hand – opening the space to one’s creative imagination. The positioning of cloud element with the hand mountain resonates with the theme of a misty mountain.

2017 To Have and Have Not: A Special Project of Lee Kuang-Yu , San Marino Pavilion, The 57th  Venice Biennale
2018 Poetry and People: Art of Lee Kuang-Yu, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan