Project Description

Girl on a Lotus Leaf
銅 Bronze
H122 X 160 X 74 cm; H39 X 37 X 30 cm
Details: Artwork List No.16

Location: Secret Garden
Site: Map 1B
Theme: Man and nature as one


The work portrays a girl lying on a lotus leaf in a peaceful and relaxed state of existence with nature with her back facing the viewer. The beautiful young body of the maiden in her prime is in stark contrast with the withering lotus – a universal reality that everyone must come to terms with aging.

2017 To Have and Have NotA Simultaneous exhibition with the Venice Biennale by Lee Kuang-Yu, Remarkable Cultivation Art Museum, Tainan, Taiwan
2018 Poetry and People: Art of Lee Kuang-Yu, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan