Project Description

Timeless 無逝歲月
銅 Bronze
 H94 X 170 X 106 cm
Details: Artwork List No.15

Location: Secret Garden
Site: Map 1A
Theme: Man and nature as one

此作為李光裕多次以荷花為主題創作的代表性作品,藝術家孩提時代經常在荷花池畔嬉遊,也因此熟悉荷花的生命週期及樣態,荷花在不同季節皆展露獨特的形貌特色 — 在春天生長,夏日盛開,秋季凋謝,冬日枯萎,荷之生長週期可聯想到人的生命迴圈,故李光裕時常以荷花比喻生命。此作中躺臥於青綠荷葉中的女性,猶如沉醉在大自然的懷抱中,《無逝歲月》即是藝術家希望傳達人類與自然在和諧中共存時,那飛逝的愉悅時光。

This is a signature work from Lee Kuang-Yu’s recurring lotus theme. As a child, the artist often played around lotus ponds and became familiar with the life cycle and looks of the plant. Lotus displays distinctive physical features throughout the seasons. It grows in spring, flourishes in summer, withers in autumn and fades away in winter. The lotus growth cycle is reminiscent of human’s life cycle – hence Lee often uses lotus as a analogy for life. A woman is depicted lying wrapped within a luscious lotus leaf in the embrace of nature. “Timeless” is also the artist’s attempt to express the fleeting blissful moment when human and nature co-exist in harmony.

2017 To Have and Have NotA Simultaneous exhibition with the Venice Biennale by Lee Kuang-Yu, Remarkable Cultivation Art Museum, Tainan, Taiwan