Project Description

映月 The Reflection of Moon
銅 Bronze
H125 X 160 X 110 cm
Details: Artwork List No.4

Location: Upper Forest Floor
Site: Map 2D
Theme: Finding a quiet respite in the garden


“The Reflection of Moon” was inspired by a lakeside stroll, the moon’s tiny reflection on the water surface prompted the artist’s contemplation on the relationship between man and nature. In comparison to the vastness of the Earth, the existence of humanity is seemingly inconsequential. Lee Kuang-Yu  would like to encourage all to cultivate humility and to learn to live with nature in harmony through this exquisite work. “The Reflection of Moon” not only builds on the ancient Greek and Roman sculpture tradition aesthetics, but at the same time captures a meditative moment of concentration –  where the surrounding noise is muted and replaced by serenity.