Project Description

探春 Visiting Spring
銅 Bronze
H240 X 156 X 127 cm
Details: Artwork List No.5

Location: Upper Forest Floor
Site: Map 2E
Theme: Man and nature as one

荷花是李光裕創作中反復出現的元素,他經常以其四季流變中的樣貌隱喻生命本質,臺灣藍鵲是臺灣珍貴的保育原生鳥類,有著華美的藍色羽毛及優雅長尾,以其團結、迅速及堅毅的精神著稱,在此一雕塑中,臺灣藍鵲正低頭望著凋零的荷葉,耐心等待春天回返,荷花的重生傳達著深具啟發、激勵人心的訊息 — 雖然生命難免遭遇低潮,只要師法臺灣藍鵲的精神而不輕言放棄,春天總在不遠處。

The lotus is a recurring element in Lee Kuang-Yu’s work – it is often used as a metaphor for life through the seasonal cycle expressions of the lotus. The Taiwan blue magpie, a protected wild bird species endemic to Taiwan with its splendid blue plumage and graceful long tail is known for its solidarity, swiftness and resilient spirit. The composition of Taiwan blue magpie looking down at the withered lotus leaf patiently waiting for the return of Spring and rejuvenation of the lotus embodied an inspiring and encouraging message – although there are low points in life, Spring is always round the corner as long as we do not give up easily like the Taiwan blue magpie.

2018 Poetry and People: Art of Lee Kuang-Yu, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan