MimiLucy Project II – 張暉明+廖祈羽 CHANG, Huei-Ming+LIAO, Chi-Yu

2015.03.17 ~ 2015.04.19

地點: 采泥藝術(台北市大直敬業一路128巷48號1樓)

開幕Opening:2015.3.21 (Sat.) 2:30pm

地點Venue:采泥藝術 Chini Gallery

睽違四年多的MimiLucy,繼首發計劃「Never Give Up」後,即將於采泥藝術推出嶄新第二章「為愛重生」,延續以兩名虛構、電影角色般的人物登場 – Mimi與Lucy這次將以科學家與少女為主人翁,展開一系列充滿神秘色彩的影像旅程。故事懸疑之處在於科學家與少女不明確又緊密的關係,似乎還牽連著另一名總是若隱若現的女性角色,某種強大的情感力量驅使著整個故事,而思念造就這個不為人知的秘密。 MimiLucy系列計劃藉由兩位合作藝術家同時置身於影像中與影像外的曖昧關係,探討創作者於現實與虛擬間的雙重角色,當現實以不可逆轉之姿前進的時候,影像成為超越生死的唯一出口。 此次展出之全新系列作品,為此篇章之序曲,敬請期待。

After being silent for more than four years, MimiLucy follows the initial project “Never Give Up,” and will release the second chapter “BACK TO LIFE” in Chini Gallery. The project continues with two fictitious filmic figures- Mimi and Lucy. This time, they appear as a scientist and a young girl, opening up a series of mysterious image-journey. Suspenses of this story lie on the vague yet inseparable relationship between the scientist and the young girl which seems to be involved with another indistinct feminine figure. A certain powerful emotion is driving the whole story, and longing creates the unknown secrete. With the ambiguous relationship of the two artist placing themselves in and out of the images in the meantime, Project MimiLucy tries to discuss the dual positions of the artists in both reality and virtuality. When the reality proceeds with an irreversible attitude, images become the only exit which surpass life and death.The brand new exhibits are the overture of this chapter.

[ 藝術家介紹 ]

About Artists

廖祈羽 LIAO, Chi-Yu (1986-)

1986 年生於台南,現居台北。是備受矚目的台灣錄像藝術家。畢業於台北藝術大學科 技藝術研究所,不僅多次入選「臺北美術獎」,也是 2010 年台北數位藝術獎音像類首 獎、2012 年台北數位藝術獎首獎;亦榮獲 2013 年立陶宛考納斯雙年展競賽評審團特別 獎肯定。

作品曾赴德國、奧地利、葡萄牙、新加坡、中國、韓國等地展出。以錄像作為主要創作 媒介,擅於將現實生活的觀察,轉化為自己在影片中的種種角色扮演,藉此探討生命中 細膩複雜的感受。

Born in Tainan in 1986, Liao Chi-Yu lives in Taipei now. Liao is a highly anticipated video artist in Taiwan. She holds an MFA in New Media Art from Taipei National University of the Arts. Liao has twice won the Judge’s Award of Taipei Arts Award. She also won the First Prize in Digital Audio-Visual Category of Taipei Digital Art Awards in 2010 and the First Prize of Taipei Digital Art Awards in 2012. In 2013, she was awarded the prize of Special Mention in UNITEXT- Kaunas Biennial, Lithuania.

Liao’s works have been shown in Germany, Austria, Portugal, Singapore, China, and Korea. With video as her chosen medium, she specializes in transforming her observations of real life into performances of role-play in her video works, through which she discusses the subtle yet complex feelings in life.

張暉明 CHANG, Huei-Ming (1984-)

1984 年生於台灣台中,現居於台北,為備受矚目的新媒體藝術家。畢業於台北藝術大學 科技藝術研究所,關注於當代影像與身體感知之美學,擅長新媒體、機械動力裝置、空 間裝置等創作形式,更跨足劇場舞臺、多媒體設計領域。

近年獲獎不斷,如 2009 年台北美術獎首獎、2010 年台北數位藝術獎音像類首獎、2011 年日本文化廳媒體藝術部門審查委員推薦作品、2012 年國美館全國美展新媒體藝術類銀 牌等;曾至法國、蘇格蘭與韓國等國駐村創作,近年來也陸續受邀到法國、英國、韓國、 中國、香港等地展出。

Born in Taichung, Taiwan in 1984, Chang Huei-Ming currently lives in Taipei. Chang is a highly anticipated new media artist. He holds an MFA in New Media Art from Taipei National University of the Arts. His work centers on the aesthetics of contemporary video and bodily perception. Chang specializes in new media, mechanical and spatial installation, and also works in the fields of theater design and multimedia design.

Chang has won several awards in recent years, including the First Prize of Taipei Arts Award in 2009, the First Prize in Digital Audio-Visual Category of Taipei Digital Arts Award in 2010, the prize of Jury Selections in Japan Media Art Festival in 2011, and the Silver Medal Award in New Media Art Category of ROC National Art Exhibition by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in 2012. He has conducted artist residencies in France, Scotland, and Korea, and has been invited for exhibitions in France, the UK, Korea, China, and Hong Kong.

[ 作品介紹 ]

About Artworks

張暉明+廖祈羽 Bench 單頻道錄像裝置120x67x45cm 2015

CHANG, Huei-Ming+LIAO, Chi-Yu  Bench  single channel video installation 120x67x45cm  2015

張暉明+廖祈羽- Double Mirrors(Left) 120x65x25cm 雙頻道錄像裝置 2015

CHANG, Huei-Ming+LIAO, Chi-Yu  Double Mirrors(Left)  120x65x25cm Two-channel video installation2015

張暉明+廖祈羽- Double Mirrors(Right) 120x65x25cm 雙頻道錄像裝置 2015

CHANG, Huei-Ming+LIAO, Chi-Yu  Double Mirrors(Right) 120x65x25cm Two-channel video installation 2015

張暉明+廖祈羽- MimiLucy Portraint – Mimi 數位攝影、壓克力錄像裝置 2015

CHANG, Huei-Ming+LIAO, Chi-Yu   MimiLucy Portraint – Mimi  100x100cm  digital photography, acrylic crystal backing 2015

張暉明+廖祈羽- MimiLucy Portrait – Lucy  數位攝影、壓克力錄像裝置 2015 100x100cm

CHANG, Huei-Ming+LIAO, Chi-Yu    MimiLucy Portrait – Lucy   100x100cm . digital photography, acrylic crystal backing 2015