KIAF 2016 / ART SEOUL 韓國國際藝術博覽會



藝術家Artists:霍剛HO Kan、焦興濤 JIAO Xin-Tao



[ 藝術家介紹 ]

 About the Artists


霍剛 HO Kan



Born in Nanjing, China in 1932, Ho Kan lived in Milan, Italy for fifty years, and now lives in Taipei. He studied modern art under “the master of Taiwanese modern art,” Lee Chun-Shan, whose thinking and artistic techniques had a great and lasting impact on him. In 1956, Ho and other seven artists, including Li Yuan-Chia, Wu Hao, Oyan Wenyung, Hsia Yan, Hsiao Chin, Tommy Chen, Hsiao Ming-Hsien, co-founded “Ton Fan Art Group,” which was extremely influential to the development of modern art in Taiwan.

In 1964, the artist travelled to Milan. Influenced by Western artistic concepts like hard-edge abstraction, Ho incorporated Eastern elements such as calligraphy and seal carving to develop his unique Eastern abstract painting that was minimalistic yet rich in poetic expression. Ho introduced the method of reduction in his abstract ar t, rendering it minimalistic as well as poetic. He has constructed a more inclusive abstract world; it responds to the oriental philosophical idea that all things are mutually embracing and nurturing, which, in turn, gives birth to an infinite world. In 2016, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum presented the artist’s large-scale solo exhibition, Reverberations–HO KAN. His work has been exhibited in Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, China, etc.

霍剛 承合之5 Continuity 5120x200cm、承合之2 Continuity2  80x200cm 油彩、畫布 Oil on canvas 2011

霍剛 承合之4 Continuity4  82x200cm(x3) 油彩、畫布 Oil on canvas 2011

霍剛 抽象 Abstract  2015-051 92x116cm 油彩、畫布 Oil on canvas 2015



焦興濤 JIAO Xin-Tao


iao pays attention to the relations between art and life. He not only strives to connect art and life in teaching, but also uses daily objects as his artistic subject and delineates them with realistic sculptural vocabulary. He once stated that “to create sculptures that resemble ready-made objects is to express the fact that ‘what we see might not always be real.’” By representing certain objects that carry social implications, he urges viewers to reflect upon the relationship between people and objects, merging life and art as one.

焦興濤 黃 29x31x30cm 2010 銅、漆

橙 Orange銅、漆 Painted Bronze 57x45x50cm 2012

焦興濤 小胸像 Green Bust  31x26x15cm 銅、漆 Painted Bronze 2010


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Installation View