Chini Artists Assembly – The Collectors Mdm. LIN Bi-Lian, founder of Mezzo Art

#from one artwork to one museum
#from the collection of one person to that of a family

Mdm. Lin Bi-Lian is not a secret tycoon who possesses the largest wealth, but she is surely the collector who has the most inner wealth. 

With thirty years of her life as well as perseverance, endurance and courage, she has gained a place of prominence in a male-dominated traditional industry in rural Tainan. However, underneath the majestic appearance of a corporate president lies an incredibly tender and romantic heart of a pieces. She adores beauty. Yet, it is not the beauty of superficial appearances, but the artistic beauty that touches the soul and reaches the hidden inner realm of humanity.

In the 2014 Art Taipei, Lee Kuang-Yu’s sculpture, The Carefree Drunkard, became the seed of her art collection, transforming her simple, ordinary life. Since then, she and family have embarked on a magnificent journey into a splendid new world of beauty.

In just four years, she relied entirely on her own effort, and crafted an art museum at an international level in Tainan City, which has not only changed the surrounding streetscape, but has also attracted endless visitors. 

This is a story of one person leading a family to dive into the world of art, building an art museum from one artwork. 

This dream-like urban legend is the most beautiful tale in this mundane world.