The First Decade: The Making of a Dream Maker

At its fifth year, Chini Gallery carried out a pioneering mission that was unbelievable, unimaginable, and even unattainable to all Taiwanese art galleries—to organize an art exhibition in a national pavilion at the Venice Biennial. At the end, all voices of doubt became endless applause. In 2022, Chini Gallery celebrates its first tenth anniversary, and this documentary film has recorded the companionship of all our families, friends and supporters, as well as the developmental trajectory of the gallery.


The founder of Chini Gallery, Vincent Lin, previously worked in the printing industry. With flexible, cross-field thinking and an unwavering will, he adopted an approach of “indirect service to the country” and “an exhibition with a shell, he was able to achieve the impossible mission of bringing a Taiwanese artist onto the grandest stage of the international art scene.


With the mindset and spirit of “crowd funding” to raise the funds and produce the exhibition, he came up with the unprecedented “Angel Project,” and presented Lee Kuang-Yu’s sculptures among other international artists. How did Chini Gallery, a relatively new member of the art gallery industry, achieve this groundbreaking goal?  


What ensued the glorious zenith was not smooth sailing, but a devastatingly stifling pandemic. The increasingly growing business encountered and almost suffocated in the overwhelming crisis. How did he survive this threatening challenge?


The first decade of Chini Gallery has been a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs. However, Vincent Lin has always believed in the collectors, the artists, and his team, and has never lost faith in his grand scheme of art: to be a driving force of beauty, and to be a role model in the industry.


Having remained unchanged and held onto the original intention, Chini Gallery will continue this exciting journey and ushers in the next decade.


(Cinematography/Text: Director Chu Chi-Yao)