Abstract Radiance─ HO Kan, PARK Seo-bo, MATSUTANI Takesada
26 Mar 2022-08 May 2022

Emerson WANG


3/ 26 Sat
16:30 Opening
14:30-16:30  Curator Lecture
亞洲抽象的形而上意涵 — 戰後精神的再詮釋


4/ 09 Sat


4/ 30 Sat


Text / Emerson WANG


The histories created respectively by Ho Kan, Park Seo-Bo, and Matsutani Takesada are not only legendary highlights, but also transformed the three artists into pioneers of abstract painting in the trajectories of Asian contemporary art. During the period when Western ideas dominated the art scene, they have dialectically reflected on and amalgamated these ideas to re-interpret their own cultural subjectivities, especially the processes of de-colonization. Furthermore, they have bravely challenged the tradition and conventional practices by publishing various manifestoes.


In 2017, these three pioneering figures in the abstract art scene appeared on the same stage for the first time in an art forum in Seoul, Korea, where they shared with the public their individual journeys in the world of art. This group exhibition at Chini Gallery in Taipei in March 2022 marks the first time they exhibit together. Although coming from different backgrounds and having stepped onto different creative paths, Ho, Park, and Matsutani have expressed their inner voices through art against the backdrop of the post-WWII Asian cultural context informed by social conflicts and tumults. Intriguingly, even though they have differed greatly in terms of artistic mediums and creative approaches, they share a common denominator in art-making—the three artists have all started with spirituality to formulate their works. Despite their opposition to the conventional form, in spirit, they have created works that embody the Eastern abstract concept of spirituality, through which they pursue the ultimate purity via non-action and by elevating matter and the material into the dimension of the spiritual.

Special Curatorial Project for the 10th anniversary—Abstract Radiance