Over The Rainbow – CHANG Chia-Ying
13 Jan 2024-10 Mar 2024

‧ 01/21 Sun 
15:00 Artist Talk
Jo Hsiao x CHANG Chia-Ying
(Chief Curator, Taipei Fine Arts Museum)
16:30 Opening



‧ 02/18 Sun
15:00 Lecture
Presenter:Chen Hsi
(Developmental Editor of Artouch.com)


The Untroubled Land Over the Rainbow

This exhibition revolves around the HA.HA. warrior, the Wolf Girl, and unfurls a brand-new story of the HA.HA. universe by revealing the secret to the birth of the Wolf Girl.

Chang Chia-Ying’s Artistic Remedy in a Restless Era
Since the year of 2020, the entire globe was swept by the pandemic. The fight against the fearful virus and the anxiety caused by isolation filled the human hearts with unease. As the pandemic was about to come to an end, war broke out on the other side of the planet. “World peace” becomes the most unattainable wish. In this chaotic, anxiety-inflicted era, In Chang Chia-Ying’s creation Celebration in Untroubled Forest of 2022 Chang reveals the existence of the forest, she endeavors to lead her audience back to the Untroubled Forest in the interstice of time, offering people a healing haven secluded from this world.

The term “untroubled” is inspired by the mysterious creature in the forest, known as “Qitu,” which is kind-natured bird that feasts on nightmares. According to “Xishan Jing” of Shan Hai Jing (Classic of Mountains and Seas), “there lives a bird in Mt. Yiwang, called ‘Qitu.’ Its form resembles a crow, and its sound resembles people’s laughter. Having three heads and six tails, its skin can be made into the shield against enemies.”


Chang Chia-Ying has always specialized in playing with the ambiguous nature of fairytale characters and objects to engage spectators in reflecting on the times. The diptych painting Pearl Song in the Untroubled Forest adopts a combinative form of alternating the two parts of the painting, and unveils various dimensions in the image, creating a connection between different temporal gaps leading to a different space-time.


In this worry-free forest, the Wolf Girl has her back to the spectator and is seen removing the mask on her face. This is the first time that a character created by Chang turns its back to the audience, through the turning of the Wolf Girl, the artist seems to urge the spectator to not only seek external peace, but also bravely face one’s inner truth.