90⁺ Ho Kan
23 Sep 2023-05 Nov 2023

09.24 Sun.


Ho Kan international artbook first publish

Anne Renahan (Rizzoli  editor /consultant)

16:00 Opening


10.28 Sat.


Milano: secret memory

Ho Kan X Emerson Wang ( curator )X Ar Chang (Photographer)


Ho Kan, hailed as the "Pioneer of Chinese Geometric Abstract Art," was born in Nanjing, China, in 1932. Due to the turmoil of war, he relocated to Taiwan in 1949. In 1964, riding the wave of post-war Asian abstract art, he embarked on a solitary journey to Italy. During his five-decade residence in Milan, he cultivated the captivating "HO KAN" style.


His unique style emerged from the deconstruction of Eastern calligraphy strokes and the forms of seal engraving, successfully bridging a dialogue between geometric shapes and Chinese character lines. It not only reflected the trends of Western abstract art but also showcased the profound cultural heritage of a Chinese artist.


Last year marked Ho Kan's 90th birthday, and with advancing age, his commitment to art remained unwavering. He held onto his brush as a lifelong companion, constantly rejuvenating his artistic creations. His artistic energy flowed like an unceasing river, enriching every new artwork.


The exhibition, titled “90⁺ HO KAN” aims to present the artistic soul of Ho Kan, who, in his twilight years, possesses the innovative enthusiasm of an artist born in the 1990s. He consistently transcends himself with unwavering determination and exhibits a high-frequency artistic rhythm. Upholding a spirit of perseverance, "Ho Kan" has become synonymous with 21st-century Chinese geometric abstract art. In September of this year, for the first time, a renowned international art publisher, Rizzoli, will release Ho Kan's first English-language international monograph, which encapsulates every step of his journey, the fluctuations of emotions, and the turning points in history.


Ho Kan's creations remind us that art can transcend the constraints of time and space, forever radiating like his brush, constantly renewed and destined to become a classic.