Without Composing: CHANG Yung-Ta, Taipei Fine Arts Museum
15 Jul 2023-08 Oct 2023

Venue|Taipei Fine Arts Museum 3F/3B


In Without Composing: Yung-Ta Chang Solo Exhibition, the artist uses Geiger-Müller tubes to detect radioactive particles in a space or released by traces of radioactive ores, submitting the data collected to random algorithms such as Markov chains for machine learning or writing, using computer programs to generate infinite, non-repetitive and perceivable sounds or images.  Unlike typical creators that rely on personal will and aesthetics to impart their consciousness onto a preconceived work, Yung-Ta Chang attempts to let go of the absolute control of a creator, putting his work in the hands of invisible radioactive particles from the environment that are beyond human control, letting them become random, unknown, and unpredictable factors. He plays the role of an artist, composer, or program designer, getting involved in the process to explore the true essence of true randomness.