Fú guāng lüè yǐng ─ SONG Sheau Ming
15 Jul 2023-13 Aug 2023

Blankplan 4F


The subject matter and elements of my artwork are derived from easily accessible materials within my studio. Through the inherent textures and characteristics of these raw materials, I attempt to explore the poetic and aesthetic qualities they can embody. For instance, using both treated and untreated cotton fabric, wrinkled and stained adhesive tape, torn pieces of paper, and more, combined with carbon powder, pencils, acrylics, and ink, I rearrange and transform these materials through artistic techniques. They allow for the portrayal of various visual images that elicit different projections and associations within the viewer's mind. As Francis Picabia once said in 1921, "The artist chooses a subject and then imitates and transforms it. That is where art resides."

The imagery presented in my works is entirely fictional. Simultaneously, they continually delineate several prominent features of the composition. These include the interplay and variations of light and shadow, profound observations in depicting objects, or an objective and realistic approach. As a result, the lifelike textures in my artworks entice viewers to immerse themselves in a visually tangible world. However, over time, the initial sense of "reality" arising from the interaction between the painted surface and the original medium is gradually challenged by a more observant" understanding. It becomes apparent that these images exist only in the two-dimensional space, and everything is an optical illusion. What our eyes perceive is not entirely real. From a deeper perspective, the visual illusions that arise reveal our meaningless fixation and cognition of surface-level phenomena. Through the intense portrayal of texture and profound visual metaphors, the inaccessible abstract realms tangibly connect with the viewer's imagination and memories.