Suling WANG

1963年出生於台灣台中,1997年獲英國「中央聖馬丁藝術與設計學院」學士學位,1999年獲倫敦「皇家藝術學院」碩士學位。畢業後即廣受全球各地美術館與畫廊邀展,於2006年受倫敦國家畫廊邀請展出,2007年受邀展出於美國休斯頓美術館與澳洲維多利亞國家畫廊。王淑鈴更是首位獲頒美國華盛頓赫希洪美術館Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden 2019年最高榮譽獎項的台灣藝術家。

王淑鈴的繪畫廣受國際重要美術專業機構收藏,包括:美國紐約古根漢美術館、美國加州洛杉磯當代藝術美術館、美國猶他州美術館 、辛辛那提美術館、美國國務院藝術大使館、瑞士銀行、英國倫敦證券交易所與台灣的美國在臺協會。


Suling Wang  was born in Taiwan in 1963. She completed her B.A. at Central Saint Martins in London, UK in 1997, and then received her M.A. from the Royal College of Art in 1999.  Since then she has exhibited widely in museums and galleries in several countries across the world and has been included in exhibitions at The National Gallery in London in 2006, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, USA and National Gallery of Victoria, Australia in 2007. Suling Wang is the first Taiwanese artist to win the honoree at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in 2019.

Besides, her works have been collected by institutions including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York; the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles; the Utah Museum of Fine Arts; the Cincinnati Art Museum; Art in Embassies, US Department of State; UBS Group AG, and the American Institute in Taiwan.

Informed by her experience of growing up in Taiwan, her work embodies her understanding of traditional Taiwanese folk mythology, Buddhist philosophy, and the art of Chinese calligraphy, revealing strong connotations of Eastern art and culture. Influenced by her experience of living and travelling abroad, and by the artistic approaches and techniques of modern European and American abstract painting, WANG is known for her large-scale abstract paintings, which demonstrate a unique artistry drawing on both the history of Chinese landscape painting and British landscape artists such as Turner. She infuses her personal emotions and thoughts into her work, and uses bold and spontaneous brushstrokes to create majestic and dynamic composition, exhibiting unrestrained colors on the canvas. With flowing and changing forms, her work materializes her wide ranging ideas and creative thoughts, and interweaves notions of time, space, and cultural identity with a pure vocabulary of abstract art that stems from an artistic language deeply rooted in a concept of art as a shared universal experience.