TSAI Shih-Hung

1979 年生於台灣,畢業於台北藝術大學研究所,十餘年創作生涯中獲獎無數,亦曾兩度獲選代表國家赴洛杉磯與香港駐村創作。

藝評曾形容其畫作猶如「帶著哲思的詩,誨暗卻富深意」,他關切著當代生活中種種的 廢棄與虛無;擅長以旁觀者的姿態,以諷刺的方式來形塑被遺棄的邊緣感,也探索著真 假的界線。在幽默的作品表象下常帶有嚴肅的社會觀察,矛盾的對立性是其創作中的迷 人之處。

Tsai Shih-Hung was born in Taiwan in 1979. He holds an MFA from Taipei National University of the Arts, and has won various prizes and awards throughout his decade-long career. He has been twice selected to represent Taiwan for residencies in Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

An art critic once described his painting as “philosophical poetry, dark yet profound.” Paying attention to different outcast and empty existences in contemporary life, Tsai excels in delineating the sense of marginality of things abandoned and exploring the boundary between the real and the unreal. Beneath the humorous images of his work, he often delivers serious social observations. The conflicting opposition in his work is what makes it so captivating.