TENG Pu-Chun



Teng Pu-Chun was born in Taiwan in 1957. He graduated from National Taiwan Academy of Arts (now National Taiwan University of Arts). Because of his father’s profession, Teng often observed patterns of stones and structures of trees since childhood, which gave him the sensitivity to perceive hidden details in solid texture. Unyielding, sharp and mature at an early age, Teng considered academic education a part of the learning process rather than the goal. After graduation, he bid farewell to the art circle in Taipei and has built a joyful life in eastern Taiwan to enjoy unfettered freedom.

The artist has been creating ink paintings for a long time. However, he does not confine himself to the artistic traditions of the Tang, Song, Yuan, and Ming dynasties. His ink landscape that appropriates realistic scenes with multiple perspectives demonstrates his unique style and sets him apart from traditional ink art. Different from the elegance embodied by traditional literati painters, his work displays a sense of individual carefreeness; in particular, the unique technique of “rolled wrinkle strokes” created by himself has formed a unique vocabulary of modern magical ink painting. Teng’s work is created with refined and remarkable skills. Pure and delicate, his paintings demonstrate unexpected majesty. Although the artist mainly portrays natural scenes of mountains, waters and trees in an archaic atmosphere, his fantastical and illusory representation seems to transport viewers to a surreal, magical realm of contemporary landscape beyond what is seen by the naked eyes.