Ng Yak Whee



他曾榮獲法國巴黎大皇宮繪畫銀質獎。新加坡大華銀行全國繪畫比賽一等獎。新加坡IBM 繪畫比賽全場最佳獎。新加坡藝術協會陳之初美術獎等。他的作品除了美國IBM、花旗銀行、新加坡蘋果電腦、新加坡大華銀行、新加坡航空公司、新加坡發展銀行和德意志銀行等收藏之外,也為新加坡美術館、日本福岡市美術館、臺灣台中美術館、法國巴黎大皇宮美術館等收藏。

Born in Singapore in 1954, He graduated from Nanyang University, Singapore with an honorary degree from the faculty of science in 1979. A self-taught artist, he held his first solo exhibition in the same year. Ng Yak Whee’s art is not limited to techniques and skills but also incorporates love and emotion from life with a different artistic perspective, stepping out of the box of artistic conventions.

In his life, he looks at the known world from a high point with his keen eyes, and the rich scenery has also turned into the lifeline of his creativity.

His works are also autobiographical embodying the introspection, dreams and memories of the artist. Ng Yak Whee captures the constant transformation around him in his abstract landscape. His works are also filled with movement and musicality as well as poetry which he is keenly interested in.

Ng Yak Whee has held 15 solo exhibitions since 1979, and his works has been invited to exhibit in the United State, the Netherlands, Paris, Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai, Shenzhen and South East Asia countries.

He has won the silver medal of painting at the Grand Palais in Paris, the first prize in Singapore UOB painting of the year, the IBM Arts Award and Dr. Tan Tze Chor Art Award. His works are in the collection of many major Art museums and private collectors.