Lu Yen-Yu


Born in 1984 in Yilan, Taiwan. Lu graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts, Department of Sculpture in 2007, and graduated from the National Tainan University of the Arts, Graduate Institute of Applied Arts (Ceramics) in 2011. She has participated in short term residencies in the US, Japan, the Netherlands, and Finland. Lu started her own studio in Yilan in 2012 and has been a professional artist ever since. Her artwork focuses on integrating forms of human and animal to create a new figure, which creates a hybrid form that displays a human-like, as well as an animal-like ceramic figure; as a result, the clear and precise contour of the human is lost and altered in Lu’s work due to the changing status of the artist’s mind. She has received several awards, including the “Taipei Ceramics Award,” “Miaoli Ceramic Awards,” “Taiwan Young Pottery Artist Award,” “Taiwan Ceramics Emerging Artist Award,” the “Taiwan Craft Competition,” selected for the “Mino International Ceramics Competition” in Japan, the “International Ceramics Biennale Kapfenberg” in Austria, “Cheongju Craft Biennale” in Korea, etc.