LIU Po-Chun

1963 年生於台灣,中生代雕塑界代表人物。 1991 年畢業自法國巴黎高等藝術學院雕塑系碩士 班,現為台灣藝術大學美術學院院長及雕塑系專 任教授。創作生涯獲獎無數,如中山文藝獎、吳 三連文化藝術獎皆為台灣指標性大獎;作品曾受 邀至義大利、匈牙利、羅馬尼亞與中國、日本、 韓國等多國展出。

在台學習雕刻、塑造與泥塑十餘年後,累積出深 厚的基本功底,再加上留學法國五年期間,系統 性地學習學理架構與雕塑史,使他對雕塑有了全 盤的掌握和見解。早期的作品多數為具像塑造, 表現出神入化的雕、塑與鑄造能力,近年則以金 屬創作名震藝壇,例如以鋼鐵鑄造的森林、鋼鐵 打造的英雄,皆運用另類烏托邦的形式,引觀者 反思何謂理想的自然、理想的人,形態具象,而 意旨多元,深具當代性。

Liu Po-Chun was born in Taiwan in 1963, and is one of the representative figures among the mid-generation sculptors. He obtained his MFA in Sculpture from École Nationale Supérieux des Beaux Arts, Paris, France, and is currently a professor of the Department of Sculpture and the dean of the Fine Art College, National Taiwan University of Arts. He has won innumerous prizes and awards, including prestigious awards in Taiwan such as the Wu San-Lien Arts and Culture Award and the Sun Yat-sen Award for Arts and Literature. He has been invited for exhibitions in Italy, Hungary, Romania, China, Japan, and Korea.

After more than a decade of studying carving, molding, and clay sculpture, Liu had possessed strong sculptural techniques. His five-year study in France later enabled him to have a systematic training in theory and sculpture history, giving him a comprehensive understanding of and insights into sculpture. His early works were mostly of molding that demonstrated his carving, molding, and casting skills. He is known for his metal sculpture in recent years. His works of steel forests and heroes guide the audience to contemplate on the so-called ideal nature and man. In concrete forms, his contemporary sculptures convey diversified meanings.