HSU Yu-Jen

1951年出生於台灣,1975年畢業於國立藝專。在其創作生涯中,許雨仁突破水墨畫原本的框架,以個人的鮮明風格獨步藝壇。擅用幾何造型組成水墨的基本構圖,從舊有筆法中開創嶄新的表現與思維方式,以極簡卻粗獷有力的視感體現不容侵犯的生存場域,蘊含生生不息的生命能量,傳遞個人內在意志、生命視域,以及對於生存環境的思考與反省。許雨仁的「細筆系列」,以類似素描感的剛硬細筆畫點與短小的斷線構成,完全使用乾墨入筆; 而「粗筆系列」則為寫意水墨的體現,刻意打破過往架構,使用了少見的狹長直幅的構圖方式,呈現出傳統水墨所無法獲致的現代感;「彩墨系列」以豐富的色與彩之間型塑台灣氣候與地理的潤澤與豐饒;「彩筆系列」則將水墨與油畫結合,即保留了油畫的質感與色彩的表現力,又保留了筆墨的尖銳與細膩,表現了色彩與形體融入自然的蓬勃與活力。許雨仁對於細筆、粗筆、彩筆、彩墨的四種筆法有其原創性的貢獻,並以構圖的奇崛與極端的變形,讓筆墨獲得了現代性審美的個體品格與深沉情韻。作品曾多次於科隆、香港、北京、上海、臺北等地展出。美國、香港、台灣等多所美術館皆收藏其作品。

Hsu was born in Taiwan in 1951, graduating from the National Academy of Arts in 1975. In a creative career almost 30 years long, Hsu has broken through the existing boundaries of ink painting and is adept at using geometric patterns for the basic composition of his paintings. From old brush technique he developed a new way of expressing and thinking, with a minimalist but uninhibited and powerful visual sense expressing a domain of existence space that cannot be infringed on, implying endless life energy; with the precondition of freedom and liberation, he conveys his personal inner will, life horizon and his thoughts and reflections with regards the environment in which he exists. Hsu Yu-Jen’s Thin-brush Ink Painting Series adopts solid dots and short, fragmented lines painted with thin brush and dry ink, which are reminiscent of sketch drawings. His Rough-brush Ink Painting Series, on the other hand, adopts the method of freehand ink painting, and replaces the traditional ink painting structure by employing a rarely seen composition of long, vertical form to demonstrate a contemporary quality unseen in that traditional ink painting. The Aquarene Painting Series employs rich colors to portray Taiwan’s lush and ample climatic and geological features. Besides, Hsu Yu-Jen’s Color Painting Series reveals an integration of ink and oil painting, preserving the texture and expressive colors of oil paintings while retaining the sharp and exquisite characteristics of ink painting. In the unique and extreme transfiguration in Hsu’s composition, his ink painting has gained individual characteristics and a profound charm of modern aesthetics. Hsu’s works have been shown on many occasions in places including Cologne, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei and his works are in collections in many art museums, including ones in the US, Hong Kong and Taiwan.