CHUNG Chun-Hsiung






Born in 1939, Chung began his creative career at a tender age of 18, and is an important figure in the East Painting Association, an iconic group in Taiwan’s art history.

Tong Fong Art Group is an important modern art group in the history of Taiwanese art after WWII, and was founded by disciples of Li Chun-shan in November 1956. Chung Chun-hsiung is also a disciple of Li, and despite the tumultuous times in post-war Taiwan, he persisted on the journey of art.

His determination for art creation was not affected by the social milieu at the time, and he delved fully into the world of art, choosing a most unique path during a time where Taiwan’s economy took off. To him, everything is about being faithful to the heart; he has never changed his aspiration for learning and studying art.

With diverse creative styles, Chung specializes in using mixed media to highlight the richness of creations. “In my creative works, I try to pursue the various possibilities in life. I face the canvas every day, just like snake crawling on beach on its belly, turning left and right, and exploring the unknown paths to places no one has ever reached,” said Chung. Many artists pursue the return to simplicity and essence in their creative works, but Chung has kept his child-like innocent self since the very beginning, and is not affected by external influences of the mainstream; he follows the innocent inner self for creation, and therefore, in all his works, child-like brushstrokes and charm can always be found. This is the unchanged intention he has had throughout the 62- year creative journey.

After 80 years in this world, Chung is fully aware of the cycle of life; through unpretentious and confident expressions, Chung presents all the passionate for Taiwan and the world. “The older I get, the more clearly I understand—the simpler the subject, the harder to express; the more abstract, the harder to convey the inner thoughts. I strive to pursue the intention born out of graphic structures—the source of life,” said Chung.