CHOU Ching-Hui

1965 年於台灣台北。台灣知名攝影藝術家。本為新聞攝影記者,後為滿足創作慾望,專心投入影像創作。習於拍攝地的長期蹲點,進行大型影像創作計劃,並獲獎無數。作品曾多次受邀至柏林、法蘭克福、佛羅倫斯、雪梨、海牙、東京、香港、北京、上海、廣州等地展出,也廣受國內外美術館及私人機構典藏。此外,自攝影延伸發展的攝影限量書出版事業,亦榮獲iF 設計獎、德國紅點設計獎、金蝶獎等國內外大獎,足見對於作品品質的嚴謹要求與水準,備受國內外肯定。

近30 年影像生涯,從捕捉扣人心弦的新聞現場,到創造充滿戲劇張力的場景,由紀實攝影過渡到編導式攝影,在最新創作《人的莊園》中,周慶輝更從以往攝影家固有被認定的身份「獵人」轉變為「導演」,作品中怪誕而令人不安的存在感有如個人風格的銘記,最是令人驚艷。

A well-known Taiwanese photographer, Chou Ching-Hui was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1965. Originally a photojournalist, Chou became a professional photographer to satisfy his longing for artistic creation. He always spends a long time staying at the chosen locations for photography, and has won numerous prizes and awards for his large-scale projects. His work has been invited to be shown in Berlin, Frankfurt, Florence, Sydney, Hague, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and has been collected by museums and private institutions in Taiwan and abroad. In addition, the limited photography albums derived from his projects have won prestigious international and Taiwanese awards, including the iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, and Golden Butterfly Award, showing how his high-quality works produced with strict standards and requirements are positively recognized and received in the world.

Throughout his career as a photographer that has lasted almost three decades, Chou’s subject matter has shifted from captivating journalistic events to creatively theatrical scenes, and his style has changed from documentary photography to fabricated photography. In his latest project, Animal Farm, Chou changed the role of photographer as a “hunter” and turned himself into a “director,” and amazed his audience with a bizarre and unsettling sense of existence in his characteristic way.