Chen Zhi-Guang

1963年出生於福建廈門。 1988年畢業於福建師範大學美術系,現為中國雕塑學會常務理事,中國美術家協會會員,美國國務院國際領導者訪問項目會員,中央美術學院城市設計學院研究員、天津美院現代藝術學院客座教授。在當代藝術界,陳志光這個名字幾乎與「螞蟻」這個符號連在一起,這些年藝術家竭盡可能地用不同手法以螞蟻造型將螞蟻的形象「放大」到讓人不能忽視它們存在的程度。透過他的創作,螞蟻這種微小但普遍存在的生物被幻化為各種各樣的造型。通過擬人化的塑造,它們成為生活中的角色和現實空間的存在,這是陳志光的普世存在主義。自2006年起,陳志光多次在北京、上海、廈門、福州等全國各地舉行大型個人展覽,均受到藝術界及當地市民的廣泛關注,並曾多次受邀於美國、法國、德國、瑞典等國家參加國際性大展,以藝術家的身份到歐美訪問及交流。其多件作品被美術館及國際藏家典藏,在國內各省市都可見其大型公共藝術作品。

Mr. Chen Zhiguang was born in Xiamen, Fujian Province in 1963. Graduated from Fine Arts Institute of Fujian Normal University in 1988, Mr. Chen is currently member of the Standing Committee of the China Sculpture Association, member of International Visitor Leadership Program initiated by U.S. State Department, researcher of City Design School of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, guest professor of Modern Art School of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.

In the sector of contemporary art, the name “Chen Zhiguang” is always associated with “ants”, as he has been trying to make art design out of the image of “ants” in different ways in recent years. He enlarged the “ants” in his design to an extent that no one can ignore the existence of the micro creature. He made the tiny and common creature into different shapes via personification, so that the “ants” he created became a part of real human life and an existence of actual space, which demonstrate his idea of Universal Existentialism.

Mr. Chen has held many large solo exhibitions in cities across China since 2006, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Fuzhou, and received extensive attention from the art indus-try and local residents. In addition, he has been invited to participate in international ex-hibitions in USA, France, Germany, Sweden and other countries. He also has visited Eu-rope and USA as a visiting artist. Many of his works are collected by art galleries and art collectors all over the world, and some of his large-sized works can be seen in the public places of various cities in China.