CHEN Cheng-Wei



Chen Cheng-Wei was born in Dongtou, Zhejiang Province, China in 1984. He is a professional artist based in Beijing. Graduated from the China Academy of Art and the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting, he is now a representative artist of Chinese contemporary figurative painting. Having being fascinated with things of a mysterious and dramatic nature since childhood, Chen has delved into the world of figurative painting and absorbed Eastern and Western historic elements, integrating various symbols drawn from traditional Chinese culture with contemporary scenes to create his Self-portrait Series and Series on the Republic of China. His subtle arrangement of light and unique composition fully express the inner emotions of the subjects. These images that differ from modern sensitivity but capable of reflecting modern psychological states allow spectators to enjoy beauty and engage them in a pleasant nostalgic atmosphere.

In recent years, the artist has been steadfastly exploring his inner world and feelings and absorbing the varicolored palette and contour from Impressionism onward, hoping to continue the essence of modern painting while incorporating elements from Eastern rock wall paintings, religious art and thangka into his latest Flower Series. The blossoms of life not only embody invisible inner energy in totems, they are also symbols of the artist’s paean to maternal love and worldly affection. Chen’s works have been extensively exhibited throughout the world and have been included in the collections of important collectors and art institutions in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Macau, Spain, Russia, France, Germany, the US, the UK, etc.