SONG Sheau-Ming

台灣中生代極具代表性的抽象藝術家,為英國國立蘭卡斯特大學(University of Lancaster)當代藝術學院(LICA)視覺藝術博士。

其近幾年發展新系列作品「海洋系列」(Ocean Series),該系列創作在概念上延續了宋曉明自英國創作時期起,以膠帶圖像作為對平面寫實主義的回應,並同時處理個人長期在臨海國家的生活經驗及個人做為孤島在社會生存處境的狀態,在理性和情感交替之間形成的抽象作品。


Song Sheau-Ming is a highly representative abstract artist among Taiwanese mid-generation artists. He holds a PhD in Visual Art from the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts (LICA) of Lancaster University, UK. Song’s latest Ocean Series is created over the past few years; the series conceptually continues his imagery of masking tape, a response to conventional (two-dimensional) realist art that he formulated since he was living in the UK. At the same time, these works also reflect his experience of living by the sea and the existence of mundane life, in which individual is like solitary isle in the society. This group of abstract (painterly) depiction is rational and sentimental. The images might have been the landscape of certain places, but as they become blurred and imaginative. Personal memories in the depth seem to emerge from the painted surface, enveloping viewers in the feeling of tranquility and the atmosphere of lyric, creating a resonance within their heart.