SONG Sheau-Ming

台灣中生代極具代表性的抽象藝術家,宋曉明1967年生於花蓮,1994年畢業於國立臺灣師範大學美術系後,赴美國紐約市立大學城市學院(City College of City University of New York)完成藝術創作碩士;之後又於英國國立蘭卡斯特大學當代藝術學院(LICA, Lancaster University)取得視覺藝術博士。


宋曉明以看似極其逼真的影像,挑戰著觀眾的視覺,也傳達了某些抽象的思維。整體創作以橫跨了視覺性與概念性的寫實形式,並結合繪畫語彙中的物質性及精神性,在「真實」(the real)與「虛構」(the fictional)之間、在「認知」(the cognitive)與「想像」(the imaginative)之間。宋曉明的作品除了提供當代繪畫的另一種契機,同時也令人重新反思「視覺幻象的產生,是否正好揭示了人們對於事物表象的慣性與偏執?」。

Song Sheau-Ming is a highly representative abstract artist among Taiwanese mid-generation artists. He holds a MA in Art from the City College of City University of New York, USA, and a PhD in Visual Art from the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts (LICA) of Lancaster University, UK.

Song’s latest Series is created over the past few years; the series conceptually continues his imagery of masking tape, a response to conventional (two-dimensional) realist art that he formulated since he was living in the UK. In Song’s works expresses a telling conjunction of the aesthetic and intellectual, with the concrete realities of studio life: raw linen, earth pigments, blank-white ‘primer’ and masking tape – in fictional form. The tape signifies process, and reminds the viewer that all art is an illusion, an image in transition, its unpredictability or uncertainty a magical property.

This latest exhibition captures Sheauming Song playing down his irreverent delight in subversive realism in favour of a closer relationship between underlying image and surface illusion. The significant change is partly due to the minimalist genre Song examines, which has the effect of reducing the level of irony in favour of a subtler dialogue. Perhaps more surprisingly, from within the philosophical rigour, the change has allowed authentic themes of healing and of resolution to emerge, to give these works a newfound intimacy.