一個雕塑家的秘密花園──策展人與藝術家訪談A Sculptor’s Secret Garden: Curator & Artist Interview 22.01.2020對談/陳慧君、李光裕

陳:有哪些雕塑花園的經驗,啟發了李老師自己打造的雕塑花園? 李:我在西班牙念書時曾去過藝術家霍金‧索羅亞的工作室,前面有個花園。那時就已萌生雕塑花園這樣的想法。在北藝大教書時去參訪日本箱根的雕塑公園,自己從莫内的專刊上看過莫内花園的樣貌,或是雕塑家亨利‧摩爾工作室的圖片,這些都更加深我打造自己花園的想法。

The Touch of Air文/Timothy Murray

As I open this reflection on the provocative work of Lee Kuang-Yu, I invite you to join with me in an experimental process of attending to the work of sculpture

The Force of Things文/Renate Ferro

As we gather over the next few days to contemplate Lee Kuang-Yu’ s sculptural work we consider not only his art and productivity but his life. Lee, a Taiwanese artist studied art in Spain in the mid-eighties studying the craft of sculpture.