2014 上海藝術博覽會

2014.11.13 – 2014.11.16

參展藝術家Artists:李光裕 Lee Kuang-Yu、謝貽娟 Jo Hsieh、許雨仁Hsu Yu-Jen

展場 Venue:上海世貿商城(中国上海市兴义路99号)

展位 Booth: F35

藝術家介紹 About Artists

李光裕  LEE, Kuang-Yu (1954-)

1954 年生於高雄內惟。以東方思惟結合西方技法 著名的雕塑家,曾於紐約、威尼斯、西班牙、奧 地利、日本、新加坡等地舉行展覽。1980 年代畢業於西班牙聖費南度皇家藝術學院及國立馬德里大學美術學院碩士班,回國後任教台灣藝術大學、台北藝術大學教授雕塑專科20餘年,是將西方雕塑觀念與技法引進台灣雕塑界的代表人物。

2006 年離開教職後,李光裕深居於汐止山上的工作園區,地偏心遠,促成其後作品的重要蛻變,一改渾重厚實之美,而以虛實交錯的結構,靈變地塑寫種種意在物外的世間情態。藉由心境、山境與作品意境之間的層層映照與對話,他創造出 立基於西方雕塑技法,卻充滿東方人文意涵的作品風格,為「東西融合」此一概念的成熟體現。

Born in Neiwei, Kaohsiung in 1954, Lee Kuang-Yu is a renowned sculptor who integrates Eastern philosophy and Western techniques. He has held solo exhibitions in New York, Venice, Spain, Austria, Japan, Singapore, etc. Lee graduated from Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Spain, and obtained his MFA from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain in the 1980s. After returning to Taiwan, he taught sculpture at Taipei National University of the Arts and National Taiwan University of Arts for over twenty years. He is deemed a representative sculptor that has imported Western sculptural concepts and techniques to Taiwan.

After retiring from teaching, Lee has been living and working in the mountains in Xizhi, and the seclusion of living in the remote area promoted the important transformation of his work. The artist used to depict weighty and substantial beauty; now, he portrays worldly existences and their implications in a subtle way and with sculpture interwoven with physical structure and blankness. Through the contrast and dialogue among the state of mind, the mountainous landscape, and the artistic conception of his work, he has created a unique style that integrates Western sculptural skills and Eastern humanistic meanings, fully embodying the perfect unison of the East and the West.

謝貽娟 Jo HSIEH (1962-2017)

1967 年生於台灣嘉義,目前定居於英國倫敦。 1990 年代負笈倫敦,陸續完成英國皇家藝術學院 (Royal College of Art U.K)碩士學位與費爾茅斯藝 術學院(Falmouth college of Art)藝術哲學博士學位。 精湛的創作力,曾吸引馳名國際藝壇的 Michael Goedhuis 畫廊為其經紀代理,引薦至紐約、邁阿 密、倫敦等地參加博覽會、舉辦展覽,獲得許多歐 美藝廊與藏家青睞,收藏其作品;亦榮獲 2002 年 英國 Art Review 雜誌藝術獎首獎肯定,甚至驚豔英國皇室,被封為「Royal College of Art LADY」。

擅長油彩、粉彩、壓克力顏料、照相腐蝕、礦石 粉末等媒材創作,尤以「藍色礦石粉末」的極簡 抽象藝術最具個人創作代表性。長期探索古今中 外哲學理論,以複合媒材的多元表現將自身對哲 理的體悟,轉化為畫作中充滿靈性與哲思的藍色, 世間最終的無極狀態是她恆常思索,再三致意的 創作母題。

Jo Hsieh was born in Chiayi, Taiwan in 1967, and currently lives in London, UK. She studied in London in the 1990s, and obtained her MA from Royal College of Art, UK, and her PhD from Falmouth College of Art, UK. Her outstanding creativity made Hsieh an artist represented by the internationally renowned Michael Goedhuis Gallery that presented her in various art fairs in New York, Miami, and London, and held solo exhibitions for her. Hsieh’s work is popular among many collectors and galleries in the US and Europe. In 2002, she won the First Prize in the Art Review Arts Award in the UK. Her achievement even dazzled the royal family and won her the title of “Royal College of Art LADY.”

Specializing in making art with oil color, pastel, acrylic paint, photoetching, and pigment, Hsieh is especially known for her minimalistic, abstract painting of blue pigment, which has been prized as her masterpiece. Having long studied Eastern and Western metaphysics, the artist transforms her understanding of philosophical ideas and concepts into soulful and profound shades of blue with diversified expression in mixed media. The infinite state at the end of the world’s existence is her enduring theme and motif, which she has never stop exploring.

許雨仁 HSU,Yu-Jen (1951-)

1951 年生於台灣台南佳里,現定居於台北三芝。 台灣現代文人畫的代表人物。畢業於國立台灣藝 術專科學校,曾隨有「台灣現代藝術導師」美譽 的李仲生習畫,1995 年後發展出風格獨具的細筆、 粗筆水墨,曾多次於科隆、香港、北京、上海、 臺北等地展出作品;美國、香港、台灣等多所美 術館皆收藏其作品。

創作以水墨畫始,而能以鮮明的個人風格開創出 嶄新的況味,鍾情自然,但不耽美於傳統中對自然環境的唯美描繪。不論筆觸繁複濃重的油畫, 抑或清簡雋永的水墨,皆傳遞出個體生命失去自 然之滋養,在工業社會下寂然獨存的頑強與枯渴, 畫作充滿強烈的現代性、文學性。

Born in Jiali, Tainan in 1951, Hsu Yu-Jen now lives in Sanzi, Taipei. He is a representative painter of modern ink painting in Taiwan. In addition to receiving an academic training at National Taiwan Academy of Arts, Hsu also studied under Lee Chun-Shan, “the master of Taiwanese modern art.” Since 1995, he has developed a unique style of thin brush and thick brush ink painting. His work has been shown in Cologne, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei, and has been collected by various museums in the US, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Hsu’s ink painting possesses a vividly individualistic style that is fresh and innovative. He prefers to paint nature without only focusing on aesthetic portrayal of natural environment as in traditional ink painting. Whether it is his oil painting with dense and intricate brushstrokes or his simple yet everlasting ink painting, Hsu’s art conveys individual life’s perseverance and predicament in its lonely existence in an industrialized society that denies the nurturance of nature, which renders his painting intensely modern and literary.

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