A Hymn for The Anatomist 2 |80x80cm |壓克力、壓克力墨水、畫布 Acrylic and acrylic ink on canvas |2019

The Garden of Love—Solo Exhibition of Jazz Szu-Ying CHEN
Venue:台北 采泥藝術
Forum:2019/10/27 15:00 王焜生 Emerson WANG x 陳思穎  Jazz Szu-Ying CHEN
Opening:2019/10/27 16:30


本展「愛之苑—陳思穎個展」為台灣旅歐藝術家陳思穎與采泥藝術合作的首次展覽,最新創作「愛的花園(The Garden of Love)」之命名,來自於浪漫主義英國詩人威廉.布雷克的詩句,愛如花園般,因自由與承諾萌芽,卻以死亡與墳墓終結。在一次駐村經驗中,藝術家因動容於創辦人麥可•貝里的家族情誼,便以家族之樹「四照花」做為新系列的創作起點。作品中,「四照花」結合了北歐神話的世界觀,以頂天立地的生命之樹延伸探討愛於不同文化中的社會期待和家族連結。另外,作品對於樹的守護者「銜尾蛇」亦有著重新的詮釋。「銜尾蛇」的蛻皮再生與口吞尾巴的逝去象徵生命的生死循環,同時也寓意著中西文化家庭關係的差異,如何在衝突與犧牲之際達到平衡。

國外旅居十年的經歷,使陳思穎透過西方藝術正統的訓練探索自己的文化定位與認同。基於對解剖學的喜愛以及對法國解剖學家歐諾 • 福拉歌那(Honoré Fragonard)的致敬,思穎延續過去的創作風格,以動植物解剖細節描繪神話怪物意象,細膩又獨特的個人語彙中,以女性視角溫柔闡述她個人的生命經驗,訴說一段私密的呢喃小語。

Exhibition Introduction

The Garden of Love is the first collaboration between Europe-based Taiwanese artist Jazz Szu-Ying Chen and Chini Gallery. Her latest series, entitled The Garden of Love, is inspired by the poetry of British Romantic poet William Blake. Like a garden, love grows with freedom and promises but ultimately ends in symbolic death. During an artist residency, Chen was touched by the familial interaction of the residency program’s founder, Michael Behle, and drew inspiration from their backyard’s dogwood tree to create her latest series. In this new body of work, the dogwood tree is combined with the cosmic view of Nordic mythology and represented as the tree of life, a motif the artist uses to explores issues of social expectation and familial connection in different cultures. The representation of the motif is accompanied by the reinterpretation of the tree’s mythological guardian, the ouroboros. The snake’s shedding skin and biting its own tail symbolize rebirth and the circle of life and death; at the same time, it also beckons at the differences in Eastern and Western family relationship as well as a balance achieved through conflicts and sacrifices.

Having lived overseas for a decade, Chen has been exploring her own culture and identity through formal Western art training. Due to her enthusiasm for anatomy and her hope to pay tribute to French anatomist Honoré Fragonard, she continues her previous creative style while incorporating anatomic details of flora and fauna to create minute delineations of mythological creatures. With exquisite and unique artistic vocabularies, the artist conveys personal life experience from a gentle, feminine perspective, whispering stories of her inner world.