展覽名稱:力場與變奏 — 水墨的跨文化性



日期:2017.12.16- 2018.3.31


地點:台南 耘非凡美術館

展覽畫冊發表會暨學術座談會  2018.02.24 14:00




第一場  2018.1.20 14:00


第二場  2018.2.4  14:00


第三場  2018.3.11 14:00


Topic:Forced Field and Variations

The Cross-Culturality of Ink Painting

Artist:WEN Chi  Hsu Yu-Jen  YUAN Hui-Li   CHEN Hsing-Wan  CHANG Yung-Tsun  Teng Pu-Chun

Curator:Andrew PAI

Date:2017.12.16- 2018.3.31


Venue:Remarkable Cultivation Art Museum

(No.370, Sec. 1, Linsen Rd., East Dist., Tainan City)

Exhibition Album Launch and Acedamic Seminar:2018.02.24 14:00
Speaker:Andrew PAI, HSU Yu-Jen, TENG Pu-Chun, YUAN Hui-Li

Artist Talk:
Session 1:2018.01.20 14:00
YUAN Hui-Li, XIAO Qiong-Rui, HSUEH Pao-Chia

Session 2:2018.02.04 14:00
Emerson WANG, CHEN Chiao, LIN Hsi-chun

Session 3:2018.03.11 14:00
HSU Yu-Jen, Fang-Wei CHANG


策展人/ 白適銘

國立台灣師範大學美術系 教授




自此,水墨得以在以全球視野為議題的方向下擴充跨域性經驗,尋找在地、在物及在己的主體價值,反之亦然。同時,發展具有流動性、不斷延異的文化動能,成為當代文化作用力的演繹、展示場域,最終完成其當代形式及精神的建構。從這種角度來說,歷經古代、現代及當代等不同時間衝撞的水墨,不同階段之間,形成一種「文化動力學」(cultural dynamics)式的交互關係,從「理想」(神聖信仰)、「意識」(經驗理性)到「理念」(心靈創造,前二者之綜合)體系的不斷轉化變遷,產生具有循環性的文化生態規律。

任何時代文化的形成,不論屬於上述何種體系,都是在交錯消長或激盪共振的動態關係下所產生,並互為因果。其彼此在「制約力」(restraining force) 與「驅動力」(driving force)的反作用力平衡中,建立彷若「力場」(force field)般的能動連結,透過後者不斷超越前者的過程,打破既有、停滯的平衡狀態,進而引帶全新的文化生產。故而,糾纏於新舊文化衝突中的水墨,在尋求當代價值意義之同時,更重要的是跨越主調與變奏相互排斥的關係,尋找統合與差異共存的可能,並進而建構多元、互動的跨文化特質。


Throughout centuries, ink painting has been searching for its modern values, meanings and cultural roots in the passive, tense international relationship filled with conflicts. However, no matter how artists have tried to find a balance between Eastern and Western cultures, the most difficult issue has been a lack of the extending ability to break free from traditional framework, to be more innovative and to keep up with the changing world. As the world entered the first half of the twentieth century, these problems had become worse as the disorders around the world increased. Struggling among the contentions and fights of different groups, these problems have never really disappeared even after the war. It is not difficult to imagine how ink painting, with thousand years of history, could become completely modernized and revolutionized within a short period of a century. It is as difficult as if someone were trying to debase the feudal system in the past. Therefore, this great task has not been finished even though it is already the twenty-first century.

Is there no other approach to modernize the ink culture except copying and transplanting Western art forms and concepts or attempting to “integrate the East and the West”? Asian societies have undergone centuries of political, social and cultural modernization. Have they acquired the experience of constructing and maintaining the autonomy to create independent, self-determining observation and interpretation? In the contemporary world where the boundary between nations and races are blurred, how do we find cross-cultural possibility that is diverse and tolerant while escaping past dichotomous ideologies that people have been obsessed with, such as “the traditional and the modern,” “the East and the West” and “the conservative and the open-minded”? As a premise, what kind of basic mental and technical requirements does one need in order to explore the contemporary vision of ink painting?

As contemporary societies gradually move towards the goals of “decentralization,” “de-colonization,” “globalization” and “diverse identification,” they need more knowledge and communication to increase tolerance, recognition and respect for each other’s differences. By doing so, a cultural landscape that reflects the cross-disciplinary spirt of the time can be produced. The term “cross-disciplinary” refers to transcending tangible as well as intangible limitations in terms of nation, geography, gender and class, and establishing a channel for dialogue instead of opposition on a more democratic, free and equal foundation. The cross-disciplinary practice in ink painting has become especially important in the formation of contemporary culture. It not only helps to eliminate past confinements of media and functions and frees ink painting from conflicts between heterogeneous cultures in the past century, it also enables a new stage of integration with independent subjectivity.

Therefore, ink art can expand its cross-disciplinary experience in the direction of embracing a global vision, pursuing local and encompassing subjective values and vice versa. In the meantime, it can also develop fluid and constantly growing and changing cultural dynamics to become a site for interpretation and exhibition of contemporary cultural forces; and eventually, this will allow ink art to finalize the construction of its contemporary form and spirit. From this perspective, through the collisions between ancient, modern and contemporary times, ink painting has created an interactive relationship informed with cultural dynamics, which has been continuously evolving and transforming from the systems of “ideal” (sacred belief), to “consciousness” (rational experience) and to “ideas” (creation of the mind, and the combination of the previous two), producing a cyclic rhythm of cultural ecology.

The formation of a certain culture at any era in history, no matter it was which system mentioned above, was produced in dynamics informed with different factors that waxed and waned or collided and resonated together; these factors were also in a cause-and-effect relationship. In a balance of each other’s “restraining force” and “driving force,” it is as if they have created a dynamic connection that functions like a force field. In the process of the latter constantly surpassing the former, breaking the existing, static balance, a new culture could be born. As a result, for ink art that has been caught between the conflicting old and new cultures, the more important thing is to surpass the mutually exclusive relationship between the main theme and its variations while pursuing contemporary values and meanings, and only then, can ink painting possibly embrace both unification and difference at the same time and construct cross-cultural qualities that are diverse and interactive.

Through the theoretical lens of cultural dynamics and its force field, this exhibition examines the variations of ink art in post-war Taiwan. Bringing together the works of artists from different generations, including Wen Chi, Hsu Yu-Jen, Chen Shin-Wan, Chang Yong-Tsun, Teng Pu-Chun and Yuan Hui-Li, audiences can see a dynamic cultural landscape that is constructed by a spectrum of variations, including abstract, structural, minimalistic, installation, video, magic, gender and ecological. Based on the reflection on ink tradition, modern ink painting has renounced imitation and representation by moving towards simplified and symbolic structural forms, pursuing the freedom and purity of materials and forms. Contemporary ink has traversed through the field of media and conceptual dialectics to capture visual spectacles that reflect the state of mind and body and transcend reality while foregrounding the complicated phenomenon of this aloof yet closely connected contemporary society. There exists an interconnecting but independent dynamic relationship between ink art and the contemporary society; and the two have been interweaving the most significant page of cros-culturality in the history of ink painting.

[ 藝術家介紹 ]

 About Artists

文霽WEN, Chi (1924─)

1924年出生於河北東明縣,畢業於台灣師範學院藝術系。一生從事美術教育工作四十餘年,除投身藝術教育外,更致力於創作,作品曾先後於歐、美、日、韓等地展出,頗受國際藝文界人士肯定。 文霽擅長水彩與水墨,對中西繪畫的理論與國畫、油畫、水彩、抽象及雕塑的技巧造詣甚深,尤擅畫荷花,運用餘白效果,達到是色亦無、無色即有色的境界。晚年致力於探索「書法式」的抽象水墨,以超現實表現中揉合了山水印象、宇宙哲理及筆法墨韻,揮灑出其個人心中的抽象山水。曾榮獲中國文藝協會第十屆西畫部文藝獎章以及中華民國畫學會金爵獎。作品先後在美國、日本、韓國、菲律賓、德國、義大利、法國等地展出,並曾獲得義大利第一屆「藝術及文化奧林匹克大會」繪畫銅牌獎。


2016 「台灣美術展」,國立國父紀念館,台北,台灣

2014 「台灣美術展」,國立國父紀念館,台北,台灣


2012 「文霽荷花百態展」,土地銀行,台北,台灣

2011 「百年好荷」,南畫廊,台北,台灣


2009 「文霽—荷心荷境」,國史館台灣文獻館,南投,台灣


2008 「台灣當代水彩大展」,中正紀念堂,台北,台灣

2003 「2003水墨新動向」,國立國父紀念館,台北,台灣

1987 「中韓二人水彩畫展」,南畫廊,台北,台灣

1986  檀國大學校,蘭坡紀念館


Selected Exhibitions

2016  Taiwan Art Exhibition, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

2014  Taiwan Art Exhibition, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan 50 Modern Ink Painting, Arki Galeria, Taipei, Taiwan

2012  A Hundred Faces of Lotus, Land Bank of Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan

2011  Lotus in Harmony, Nan Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

One Hundred Paintings for the Centennial Anniversary: An Invitational Art Exhibition of Taiwanese Contemporary Artists, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2009  Wen Chi: Lotus Realm, Taiwan Historica, Nantou, Taiwan

Wen Chi: A Retrospective, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Yunlin, Taiwan

2008  Taiwanese Contemporary Watercolor Exhibition, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

2003  New Trend in Ink Painting, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

1987  Watercolor Exhibition by Two Artists from Korea and Taiwan, Nan Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1986  Dankook University, Lan Po Memorial Museum

Wen Chi: Lotus Painting Exhibition, Nan Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

張永村CHANG, Yung-Tsun (1957)


























「環境 · 藝術 · 空間」,台灣省立美術館,台中,台灣




Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013Lily Teppouo Art Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2010A7958 Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2009Sunnyart Gallery, Hsinchu, Taiwan

The Spirit and Spirituality of Ink, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center, Tainan, Taiwan

2007Modern Art Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

1993The Ee-Du-Space Exhibition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

1989Transcendimensional Space: Extensive Landscape, Crown Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

1988Transcendimensional Space: Variation and Installation, Taipei; Taichung; Kaohsiung, Taiwan

1986Transcendimensional Space: Overture “0←1”, Taiwan

1983Lung Men Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014The Pioneers of Taiwanese Artists, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2006Heartwarming Taiwan—A Touring Exhibition of Poetry, Painting and Fold Songs, Taipei; New Taipei City; Hsinchu; Taichung, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

1995Taiwanese Contemporary Art: A Touring Exhibition Through Five Contemporary Art Museums in Australia, Australia

Small Sculpture from Stuttgart Touring Exhibition, Germany

Messages from Contemporary Taipei, Walker Hill Art Museum, Korea

1992Art and Culture from Dadu Plateau, Taichung, Taiwan

1989Messages from Taipei, Tokyo, Japan

1988Taiwanese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Korea

Three Artist Group Exhibition, Garden New Town Neighborhood, New Taipei City, Taiwan

1987Performance, Space, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Environmen · Art · Space, Taiwan Provincial Art Museum, Taichung, Taiwan

1985Transcendimensional Space, Spring Fine Arts Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1984Strange Space, Taiwan

1978New Talents of Taiwanese Painting, Spring Fine Arts Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

陳幸婉CHEN, Hsing-Wan (19512004)





2014 「陳幸婉逝世十週年紀念展」,港區藝術中心,台中,台灣

2007 「陳幸婉1990─1992水墨作品」,科元藝術中心,台中,台灣

2006 「陳幸婉1980─2001複合媒材」,科元藝術中心,台中,台灣

2005 「陳幸婉紀念展」,台北市立美術館,台北,台灣

2004 「陳幸婉紀念茶會」,科元藝術中心,台中,台灣

2003 「清淨歡喜」,科元藝術中心,台中,台灣

2002 「鐵墨」,科元藝術中心,台中,台灣

2001 「雕刻時光」,科元藝術中心,台中,台灣



1999 Gedok藝術工作坊,呂貝克,德國

1997 「從原形的探求到大地之歌」,台北市立美術館,台北,台灣

1994 新生態藝術環境,台南,台灣

1993 金磚畫廊,台中,台灣


1991 Masharbia畫廊,埃及,開羅

1990 台灣省立美術館,台中,台灣

1989 當代畫廊,台中,台灣


2017 「水墨曼陀羅」,高雄市立美術館,高雄,台灣

「陳夏雨 · 陳幸婉2017紀念展」,科元藝術中心,台中,台灣

2016 「陳夏雨 · 陳幸婉 紀念展」,科元藝術中心,台中,台灣

2015 「華人—抽象與書法的對話」,Galerie Sabine Vazieux,法國

「Art Élysées 愛麗舍藝術博覽會」,215 B Galerie Sabine Vazieux,法國

2006 「蔓蕪—陳幸婉、李錦繡、邱紫媛、曾愛真」,高雄市立美術館,高雄,


2005 「4+1=6五人展」,大未來畫廊,台北,台灣


2004 「比較沙龍」,歐德耶藝術空間( Estace Auteuil ),巴黎,法國

2001 「女性心靈再現」,高雄市立美術館,高雄,台灣

2000 「大陸版塊遷移」,現代與當代美術館,列日,比利時

1999 「中國當代藝術」,Gierig畫廊,法蘭克福,德國

1998 「意象與美學—台灣女性藝術展」,台北市立美術館,台北,台灣


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2014 Tenth Anniversary Memorial Exhibition of Chen Hsing-Wan, Taichung City Seaport Art Center, Taichung, Taiwan

2007 Chen Hsing-Wan: Ink Painting 1990-1992, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2006 Chen Hsing-Wan: Mixed Media 1980-2001, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2005 The Memorial Exhibition of Chen Hsing-Wan, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2004 The Memorial Reception for Chen Hsing-Wan, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2003 Calm and Joy, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2002 Iron Ink, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2001 Sculpting Time, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

Journey of A Stroller, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

Hanart TZ Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1999 Gedok Workshop, Lübeck, Germany

1997 From Exploring the Original Form to the Song of the Land, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

1994 Tainan New Environment Art Space, Tainan, Taiwan

1993 Golden Brick Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

L’Eau Métallique Gallery, Paris, France

1991 Masharbia Gallery of Contemporary Art, Cairo, Egypt

1990 Taiwan Provincial Art Museum, Taichung, Taiwan

1989 Modern Art Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017  Mandala of Ink Art, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

 2017 Memorial Exhibition of Chen Shia-Yu & Chen Hsing-Wan, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2016  A Memorial Exhibition of Chen Shia-Yu & Chen Hsing-Wan, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2015  China: Dialogues Between Abstraction and Calligraphy, Galerie Sabine Vazieux, France

Art Élysées, 215 B Galerie Sabine Vazieux, France

2006  Clematis in the Wind: Chen Hsing-Wan, Lii Jiin-Shiow, Chiu Tze-Yan, Tseng Ai-Tsen, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2005  416—Five Artists Group Exhibition, Lin & Lin Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

416—Five Artists Group Exhibition, Gallery 456, New York, USA

2004  Comparison Salon, Estace Auteuil, Paris, France

2001  The Feminine Soul Represented, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2000  Continental Shift, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Liège, Belgium

1999  Chinese Contemporary Art, Gierig Kunstprojekte, Frankfurt, Germany

1998  Images and Aesthetics – Taiwanese Female Artists, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Anticipating 2000, St. Patrick’s Cathedral;Linden Museum, Lübeck, Germany

許雨仁 HSU, Yu-Jen (1951─)

1951 年生於台灣台南佳里,現定居於台北三芝。 台灣現代文人畫的代表人物。畢業於國立台灣藝 術專科學校,曾隨有「台灣現代藝術導師」美譽 的李仲生習畫,1995 年後發展出風格獨具的細筆、 粗筆水墨,曾多次於科隆、香港、北京、上海、 臺北等地展出作品;美國、香港、台灣等多所美 術館皆收藏其作品。

Born in Jiali, Tainan in 1951, Hsu Yu-Jen now lives in Sanzi, Taipei. He is a representative painter of modern ink painting in Taiwan. In addition to receiving an academic training at National Taiwan Academy of Arts, Hsu also studied under Lee Chun-Shan, “the master of Taiwanese modern art.” Since 1995, he has developed a unique style of thin brush and thick brush ink painting. His work has been shown in Cologne, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei, and has been collected by various museums in the US, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

創作以水墨畫始,而能以鮮明的個人風格開創出 嶄新的況味,鍾情自然,但不耽美於傳統中對自然環境的唯美描繪。不論筆觸繁複濃重的油畫, 抑或清簡雋永的水墨,皆傳遞出個體生命失去自 然之滋養,在工業社會下寂然獨存的頑強與枯渴, 畫作充滿強烈的現代性、文學性。

Hsu’s ink painting possesses a vividly individualistic style that is fresh and innovative. He prefers to paint nature without only focusing on aesthetic portrayal of natural environment as in traditional ink painting. Whether it is his oil painting with dense and intricate brushstrokes or his simple yet everlasting ink painting, Hsu’s art conveys individual life’s perseverance and predicament in its lonely existence in an industrialized society that denies the nurturance of nature, which renders his painting intensely modern and literary.



2017  「墨若是—許雨仁個展」,采泥藝術,台北,台灣

2016 「有形的….沒形的….沌形的…. —許雨仁個展」,泰郁 美學•堂,嘉義,台灣

「文野人—許雨仁 林銓居雙個展」,臻品藝術中心,台中,台灣

2014 「墨影無涯」許雨仁個展,家畫廊,台北,台灣

2013 「在世界的倒影中」許雨仁個展,月臨畫廊,台北,台灣


2012 「花園沁夏」許雨仁水墨個展,櫟莊園,台北,台灣

2010 「從有形型A..過..沒形形A…?」許雨仁個展,小室畫廊,台北,台灣

2009 「身體裡有朵花在開」許雨仁&張金蓮雙個展,家畫廊,台北,台灣

2008 「溫室」許雨仁水墨個展,家畫廊,台北,台灣


2007 「透明的天光」許雨仁水墨個展,漢雅軒,香港,中國



2006 「潛伏空間—許雨仁1972─2006水墨個展」,新思惟藝術空間,高雄,台灣



2016  「當代台灣 抽象藝術經典展」,耘非凡美術館,台南,台灣

2015 「法外神山:巴塞爾藝術展—漢雅軒項目之二」,香港會議展覽中心,台灣


2014 「台灣報到—2014台灣美術雙年展」,國立台灣美術館,台中,台灣

2012 「索卡視界」,索卡藝術中心,台南,台灣


2011 「當代平淡繪畫展」聯展,北京,中國


2010 「變異的風景」,桂林愚自樂園國際藝術創作展,桂林,中國

2009 「一窺台灣當代紙上作品」聯展,其玟畫廊,台北,台灣

2008  北京藝術博覽會,北京,中國





2006 「水墨再生—2006上海新水墨藝術大展」,多倫現代美術館,上海,中國

「軌跡 •大化—解碼筆墨新次元」聯展,關渡美術館,台北,台灣


Solo Exhibitions

2017   The Variation of Ink – The Solo Exhibition of Yu-Jen HSU, Chini Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2016    Visible. Invisible. Between visible and invisible. Hsu Ju-Ren Solo Exhibition, TAIYU Beaux Arts Salon, Chiayi, Taiwan

Hsu Yu-Ren Lin Chuan-Chu Exhibition, Galerie Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan

2014Ink Unlimited – Solo Exhibition by Hsu Yu-Jen, Jia Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2013  Between Coarse and Fine Brushworks – Hsu Yu-Jen Solo Exhibition, Kuandu  Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

In the Inverted Reflections of the World – Solo Exhibition of HSU Yu-Jen, Moon Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2012Summer Garden – Ink Paintings by HSU Yu-Jen, Leearchi, Miaoli, Taiwan

2010A Form Between Visible and Invisible – Hsu Yu-Jen Solo Exhibition, La Chambre Art Gallery & Society, Taipei, Taiwan

2009A Flower Booming within the Body – Double-Solo Exhibitions by Hsu Yu-Jen & Chang Jin-Lieng, Jia Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2008Warmish Interior – Ink Painting by Hsu Yu-Jen, Jia Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Worldless in Tranquility – Hsu Yu-Jen Solo Exhibition, Expol-Sources Art Space, Beijing, China

2007A Translucent Sky – Ink Painting by Hsu Yu-Jen, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong,


A Translucent Sky – Ink Painting by Hsu Yu-Jen, Cans Bookshop, Beijing, China

A Blank Space – Ink Painting by Hsu Yu-Jen, Changdian Base, Beijing, China

2006The Hidden Space – Ink Painting by Hsu Yu-Jen 1972-2006, Since Well Humanistic Gallery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Ocean of Hsu Yu-Jen, Taipei County Art & Culture Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Group Exhibitions

2015Magical Mountains: Hanart TZ Gallery at Art Basel HK 2015, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, China

Grids and Stones: Landscape as Cultural Self-portrait, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong,


2014   Yes! Taiwan – Taiwan Biennial 2014, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2012Art Taipei 2012, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Vision, Soka Art Center, Tainan, Taiwan

2011Contemporaneity of Revisiting Historical Paths, Gallery 100, Taipei, Taiwan

Contemporary Bland Painting, Beijing, China

2010Landscape in Transition, Yuzi Paradise, Guilin, China

2009A Peep Into Taiwan Contemporary Works on Paper, Chi-Wen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2008Shanghai MoCA Envisage II – Butterfly Dream, MoCA Shanghai, Shanghai, China

The 6th International Ink Painting Biennale of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Museum, Shenzhen, China

Form, Ideas, Essence, Rhythm: Contemporary East Asian Ink Painting, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Southern Traveler, Licence Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

Beijing Art Exposition, China World Trade Center, Beijing, China

2006Ink Transformation: Modern Ink Painting in Taiwan, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

QuiJiDaHua: Ink Painting, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

Revival: New Ink Art Shanghai 2006, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China

鄧卜君TENG, Pu-Chun (1957)

1957 年生於台灣花蓮,台灣當代水墨奇才。畢業 於國立藝術專科學校(今台灣藝術大學前身), 長居於台灣東海岸,少與人交。作品深具魔幻氣 質,筆觸空靈秀逸的水墨創作於華人藝壇獨樹一 幟,被視為深具新時代文人畫之內涵,畫作廣為 各國藏家收藏。

Born in Hualien, Taiwan in 1957, Teng Pu-Chun is an incredibly talented artist of contemporary ink painting. Graduated from National Taiwan Academy of Arts (now National Taiwan University of Arts), Teng leads a hermit-like life on the east coast of Taiwan. With aerial, exquisite brushstrokes, his work conveys a magical atmosphere. His unique ink painting is considered one of a kind among Taiwanese and Chinese artists, and exemplifies the essence of contemporary literati painting, which makes his works popular among collectors.

其創作奠基於唐、宋、元、明的水墨畫技基礎, 初看形似點畫,實則為自創的「搓點皴」,以毛 筆一字一畫細心搓出,筆觸極具風格。然則最令 觀者驚奇者,莫過於以山、水、樹等尋常自然之 景為題材,卻能透過奇絕的用色與佈局,翻轉既 有的山水意象,塑造奇幻迷離的氛圍,構築出具 超現實感的意境。需別具隻眼方能得見的化外之 境,藉鄧卜君精妙之筆,才能躍然紙上,實為觀 者之幸。

Teng’s painting integrates the techniques of the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming dynasties. At first glance, he seems to employ pointillism in his painting. In fact, it is the technique of “point wrinkling” invented by the artist himself. Each character and brushstroke is carefully and delicately wrinkled to create his stylistic painting. What amazes the audience the most is his spectacular use of colors and composition in portraying ordinary elements in nature such as mountains, streams, and trees. His painting transforms existing imagery of ink landscape, and constructs a fantastic atmosphere and surreal realms with implications materialized by his wondrous delineation. It is a great pleasure and joy to see his painting.



2017    「墨幻搖滾—鄧卜君」個展,采泥藝術,台北,台灣

「香港水墨藝博INK ASIA」個展,香港,中國

2015    「石間秀痕—鄧卜君」個展,采泥藝術,台北,台灣

2011  「知情墨事—鄧卜君水墨」個展,一票人票畫空間&畫庫,台北,台灣


2008 花蓮松園,花蓮,台灣



2015    「北京國際藝術博覽會」,北京,中國




Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017Rock the Dream, Spirit of Ink – TENG Pu-Chun, Chini Gallery, Taipei,


Ink Asia, Hong Kong, China

2015The Imprints Between the Rocks: TENG Pu-Chun Solo Exhibition, Chini

Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2011  Understanding Ink: TENG Pu-Chun Ink Exhibition, Piaopiao Gallery,

Taipei, Taiwan

2010Exotic Ink Solo Exhibition, Paiopiao Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2008Pine Garden in Hualien, Hualien, Taiwan

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017Different Paths: Explorations in Ink, organized by Sotheby’s in New York,

New York, USA

2015Art Expo Beijing, Beijing, China

2014    Shuimo / Water Ink: Enchanted Landscapes, organized by Sotheby’s in New

York, New York, USA

2013Art Expo Beijing, Beijing, China

2012Art Expo Beijing, Beijing, China

袁慧莉YUAN, Hui-Li (1963)









2010「元素 · 意韻—袁慧莉個展」,恆廬美術館,杭州,中國

2009  「心靈結構—袁潄水墨個展」,月臨畫廊,台中,台灣

2008  「軌跡—1985─2008袁潄水墨創作展」,新竹教育大學竹師藝術空間,新竹,台灣

2005「空 · 間 · 遊 · 轉」碩士畢業個展,觀想藝術中心,台北,台灣







2014「典藏 · 對話—演繹台灣當代水墨」,高雄市立美術館,高雄,台灣








2008「形 · 意 · 質 · 韻—東亞國際水墨創作邀請展」,台北市立美術館,台北,台灣

「點點滴滴—張光賓 · 袁潄 · 董心如三個展」,一票人票畫空間,台北,台灣






Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017   Moist and Burnt: As Ink Breathes-Yuan Hui Li Solo Exhibition, Tina Keng

Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2014   Plural Landscape: Yuan Hui Li Solo Exhibition, Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei,


2012   Maternal Landscape: Yuan Hui Li Solo Exhibition, Soochow University Arts

Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2010   Element & Rhythm: Yuan Hui Li Solo Exhibition, Han House Museum,

Hangzhou, China

2009   Solitary Phantasma, Moon Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2008   Track: 1985-2008 Yuan Hui Li’s Ink Works, NHCTC Artist Space, National

Hsinchu University of Education, Taiwan

2005   Roaming and Revolving in Vacancy and Space: Yuan Hui Li Solo Exhibition,

Jeff Hsu’s Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Yuan Shu Play, PiaoPiao Painting Space, Taipei, Taiwan

2001   Dialogue with Mountain and Sea: Ink Works Solo Exhibition, Taichung City

Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taiwan

2000   Dwell amidst the Mountain and Inhale from the Valley, Kalos Gallery,

Taipei, Taiwan

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016   Reading the Landscape Stories from Artists, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine

Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2015   Reset Tradition, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

2014   Collection and Dialogue—Taiwan’s Contemporary Ink Painting, Kaohsiung

Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2013   Ministry of Culture Collection Artwork, Office of President, Taipei, Taiwan

2012   Kaohsiung Art Award, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2011   2011 FINE ART ASIA Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Convention

Center, Hong Kong, China

Contemporary Bland Painting-Exhibition &Symposium, Supu Art Museum,

       Beijin, China

2009   The Contemporaneity of Brushwork, Tunghai University Art Gallery,

Taichung, Taiwan

       Yuan Shu Dense Light Landscape: Yuan Hui Li Solo Exhibition, Yuan Yuan

Chinaprints Gallery, Hangzhou, China

The New Space:2009 Exhibition of Contemporary Cross-Strait Ink Paintings,

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2008   Form, Idea, Essence, Rhythm: Contemporary East Asian Ink Painting, Taipei

Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2007   Prominent Alumnus Exhibition, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei,


2006   QuiJiDaHua: Ink Painting, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

1994   An Alumnus Exhibition, Taipei National University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

1992   1992 Innovational and Experimental-Chinese Ink Painting, Taipei Fine Art

Museum, Taiwan

1987   University Graduation Exhibition, Taipei National University of Arts, Taipei,



 About the Artworks

文霽 清泉石上流 59x85cm 2017 彩墨、紙

 Wen Chi Clear Stream Runs on Rocks 59x85cm 2017 Watercolor and ink on paper

文霽 碧綠137x70cm 2007 彩墨、紙

 Wen Chi Emerald 137x70cm 2007 Watercolor and ink on paper

袁慧莉 類山水系列no.44:島之春  66x132cm 2015 灑金淨皮宣、彩墨

 YUAN, Hui-Li  Ambiguous world series no.44:  Spring of Islands 66X132cm  2015 Jin pi golden-flecked xuan paper, color ink

張永村 萬里江山 10000x97cm 2013 彩墨、壓克力顏料、宣紙

 CHANG, Yung-Tsun  Unbounded Landscape   10000x97cm 2013  Ink , color and acryic on xuan paper

張永村 水墨森林 大小視場地而定 2007 彩墨、宣紙

 CHANG, Yung-Tsun Ink Forest   size depend on the venue 2007 Ink and color on xuan paper

鄧卜君 松間曬雲 63x239cm 2017 紙上水墨
TENG, Pu-Chun  Clouds between Pines  239.5x125cm  2017 Watercolor and ink on Paper

鄧卜君 無礙石 239.5x125cm 2016 紙上水墨

TENG, Pu-Chun  Unhampered Stone  239.5x125cm 2016 Watercolor and ink on Paper

許雨仁 粗筆系列之七 53x234cm 2007 水墨、紙

HSU, Yu-Jen  Rough-brush Ink Plants Series No.7 53x234cm 2007 Ink on paper

許雨仁 粗筆系列之十 53x234cm 2007 水墨、紙

 HSU, Yu-Jen  Rough-brush Ink Plants Series No.10  53x234cm 2007 Ink on paper

陳幸婉 AC69  68x68cm 1991 紙上水墨

 CHEN, Hsing-Wan AC69  68x68cm 1991  Ink on paper

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