「M空間」2017 FORMOSA 雕塑雙年展

M Space-FORMOSA Sculpture Biennial 2017


策展人Curator : 劉俊蘭Chun-Lan LIU

地點Venue : 駁二大勇區P3倉庫 (高雄市鹽埕區大勇路1號)

參展藝術家Artists :

鄧肯‧蒙弗特Duncan MOUNTFORD(英國UK,1954~)

劉柏村Po-Chun LIU(1963~)

楊子強Chee-Kiong YEO(新加坡Singapore,1970~)

裘安‧蒲梅爾Joan POMERO(法國France,1971~)

水谷篤司 Mizutani ATSUSHI(日本Japan,1975~)

鄭勝Seung JUNG(南韓Sounth Korea,1976~)

陳奕彰Yi-Chang CHEN(1980~)

劉文瑄Wen-Hsuan LIU(1980~)

黃致傑Chih-Chieh HUANG(1982~)

林書楷Shu-Kai LIN(1983~)

邱承宏Chen-Hung CHIU(1983~)

郭俞平Yu-Ping KUO(1986~)

李承亮Cheng–Liang LI(1986~)

「太認真」雙人組Working Hard

(郭柏俞Po-Yu KUO、佘文瑛Wen-Ying SHE)(1989~)

廖昭豪Chao-Hao LIAO(1990~)

主辦單位: 高雄市政府文化局 / 財團法人東和鋼鐵文化基金會

贊助單位: 東和鋼鐵企業股份有限公司

「我們也是星塵」,以通俗小說形式書寫的哲學史《蘇菲的世界》(Sophie’s World),在末章述及空間的無限和宇宙大爆炸理論之時如此寫道。空間的探索,向來是科學、是物理,也是哲學、是思想,甚或是虛實交雜的詩意想像。除了關乎宇宙創生、世界未來、自然環境、社會政治,也牽涉物質本質或者人類存在等等的叩問與探討。

2017 FORMOSA雕塑雙年展,呼應空間的跨領域探索,轉借來自物理學界而召喚新空間視野與世界想像的「M理論」(M-theory),以「M 空間」作為命題。若說廣義相對論解放了絕對空間的概念,以「物理的終極理論」之姿現身的「M理論」,則將「多維空間」的論點推進至「十一維空間」的熱議。在其高維度的超空間視野下,「唯一宇宙論」(uni-verse)必得被推翻改寫,因世界乃是由「多重宇宙」(multi-verse)構成,而同時有不同的「平行宇宙」存在。雖仍是未定之論,但在當今世界,不論是就藝術或就現實生活而言,這宛如科幻想像的空間觀,卻顯得相當切實。而讓我們得以援此探討,變動急遽的環境中不斷流變的多重空間、異質並存的平行世界,並據以思考與之連動的當代空間概念,關照虛擬時代下人們紛繁複雜的空間經驗。

「M理論」之中的「M」,觸及多重含意,不但意指延展各種維度所在的「膜/membrane」、母體/matrix 或母親/mother,也涵蓋如魔法般的/magic、神秘的/mystery等意義。除了這些所指,以「M空間」為名,本展特別也意欲指向雕塑的「有形而物質的空間∕material space」、「形變或變態的空間∕metamorphic space」;同時,也擴及與此相對的「抽象或形而上的∕metaphysical」蘊義,以演繹既仰賴又超越物理、具體又抽象、真實又超現實、充滿張力也內含辯證的雕塑空間。循此,本展也再次重探雕塑作為「空間藝術」的傳統界定、納入範式轉移的思辯,發展不再是作為靜態而被動的物體容器或背景環境,而是積極地不僅作為美學材料、更構成藝術語境和敘事文本的雕塑空間。


終究而言,「M空間」也因而可謂是重新「創造空間」(making space)— 不論是就具體物質上或就抽象概念來說。人、事、物的關係,在其間被拆解、轉換與重組,生成新的空間。現實中不可得見的這些異境維度,構成了讓人領受感性體驗和精神歷險的獨特場域:或與「空間化」而得以敞開的隱匿世界相遇 — 自然、歷史、政治、社會、文化、性別、心理的……;抑或者,深刻意識到在現實的縫隙、未知的彼處,總存有莫名的折疊空間、難解的黑洞世界。

“Yes, we too are stardust.” ― Sophie’s World, a novel about the history of philosophy, put it this way in the last chapter dealing with the infinity of space and the big bang theory. Space exploration has always been a science, physics, as well as philosophy, ideology, or even a poetic imagination intertwining the virtual/real. An inquiry and exploration not only the genesis of the universe, the future of the world, natural environments, social politics, but also the nature of matter or human existence.

2017 FORMOSA Sculpture Biennale echoes the cross-disciplinary exploration of space, borrowing “M-theory,” which stems from the field of physics, inviting a new vision of space along with the imagination of the world. If the General relativity theory liberates the concept of absolute space and time, the “M-theory,” claimed to be the ultimate theory in physics, extends the thesis of the multiple dimensions of space-time a heated debate of the 11 spacetime universe. In the light of the high-dimensional hyperspace, “uni-verse” must be denied and rewritten because the multi-verse comprises the world within which exist various “parallel universes.” Although hypothetical, with regards to works of art or the flow of everyday life, this sci-fi like concept of space seems closer to reality in the modern world. This brings us the discussion of the multi-verse, constantly shaping and forming, the parallel world, where many different types of things or people co-exist as well as thinking about the modern spatial concept, which interlinks to each other. Also, shedding light on the complicated spatial experiences of people in the era of virtual reality.

The “M” in the M-theory stands for a wide variety of meaning, such as “membrane”, “matrix/mother”, “magic”, and “mystery”. Besides, the exhibition also attempts, in the name of “M Space,” at the connotations of the “material” space, the “metamorphic” one along with the “metaphysical” one, interpreting the sculpture space, which depends on but goes far beyond physics — concrete and abstract; real and surreal — filled with tension as well as dialectics. That being so, the exhibition also explores anew the traditional definition of sculpture as “an art of space”, induces the discussion of paradigm shifts, and creates sculpture space, which is no longer thought to be a container or a background setting, static and passive, but object of aesthetics, context of art as well as text of narratives, a space as actively constructed as never before.

“M Space,” borrowing scientific deduction challenging established modes of spatial thinking, endeavors to make spaces which disturb sensation, free established stereotypes, and stimulate the imagination. The exhibition, resorting to the exploration of the multifaceted and the multi-meaning of the space, not only experiments on various spatial languages of art, but unfolds the observation and reflection on the existence and the world in the perspective of new viewpoints on universe as well as new spatial concepts. The 15 artists we bring together for the exhibition engage in artistic imagination spanned a wide variety of themes, generating a force as Hyperdrive; impelling us to take a “hyperspace jump” and embark on a journey one after one dimension; one after one parallel world both familiar and strange.

After all, “M Space” is, one may well say, “making space” — be it a physical entity or an abstract concept. The interplay among people, things and environment is being taken apart, converted, and reconstructed, giving birth to new space. These alien dimensions, invisible, out of reach in real life, create a unique field, where we receive sensational and spiritual experiences; or encounter a hidden world which gets to open with “spatialization” — natural, historical, political, social, cultural, gender, and psychological…, or deeply realize the existence of an unfathomable black hole where always lurks, in the slit of reality, somewhere unknown, some inexplicable folded space.


Installation View